What our clients say

“These dudes really know how to make my beemer sing and the price is right too for the level of service and expertise they provide, it’s really unreal”

David | Houston TX

“Originally I came to Speedco for a second opinion as another shop told me I needed a head gasket, once the guys at Speedco took a look at it however it ended up to be much less of a problem, can’t recommend these guys enough!”

Donna | Hempstead TX

Our Services


Old, worn out struts or springs adding some unwanted bounce to your ride? Speedco can take care of all your suspension needs, from maintenance to upgrades, street or track we have you covered.


Something grinding your gears? Let speedco ensure your manual or automatic transmission is in peak operating condition.


Brake pads or shoes screeching or grinding? Don't sweat it, speedco has your back for all your stopping needs!

Tune Up

Missing that feeling of power behind the wheel? Check engine light illuminated even? Come see us at Speedco for a quick and affordable tune up to get your machine back in tip top condition!

AC & Heat

Don't let the brutal Houston summer ruin your ride, Speedco can address all your automotive AC or Heating needs!
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Phone: (713) 466-0776